Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Do Not Fold, Staple, or Mutilate

In the Sermon on the Mount was it not recorded that Jesus said, “Blessed are the creators of forms for with their paperwork the sick will be healed.”? 

Did Gandhi ever stop his weaving of his own clothes, shaving his own hair, eating the minimum to stay alive, going to prison, to write reports for funding so that the Indian people would resist the English?

Did Martin Luther King, Jr., call on the Black people of the South to march on Washington by making sure that form A-159 was filled out in black ink, signed, dated, and notarized?

I think not, and while I sit here writing this blog I am postponing all the paperwork that I need to complete to  start the process of healing the sick, calling people to give to the poor, and reporting on how money was spent and what good was done…so more can be done (and more paperwork created)...literally.
With all these forms, letters, and reports which feel like the bane of my existence… I am so tired.  More times than not paperwork is one of the necessary boredoms of my life and I lose sight of what is important…people.  I can get so bogged down in working at the computer that I forget and lose my way.  And if I am truly honest many times I use paperwork to buffer me to the pain of others and I get lost in the comfort of the forms.

Yesterday talking to Josefa, our clinic administrator, and Jorge, our radiologist, I asked if they knew what hospital would the volunteer cardiologist coming in October work in because I needed to write a letter for him to use to request pacemakers.  He is planning to surgically install donated pacemakers as a volunteer.

Jorge said that his wife knew two people who have been waiting on a list to get pacemakers for a long time…and it became more real to me…not just a letter to be written but a letter offering life.

People, faces, hope, life that is what I need and sometimes even the paperwork will get me there.  Now to write that letter…                                   -Kathleen