Thursday, May 7, 2015

Alternative Mother's Day

Mothering starts early here.   
 40 to 45% of all pregnancies are to women 14-19 years old  (in the US it is 4%).*
Girls having babies.  At our clinic, we have a program to support new mothers. We have volunteer health promoter “godmothers” who together with our nurse Martha and full time health promoter Jessenia follow the babies until they are one year old while they support the mothers, who as you can see from above need support.   They visit the new moms to promote breastfeeding, weigh the babies and check up on development.  Each of the participating pregnant and new mothers receives a handmade bag with supplies.  
In the 3+ years we've been running this program, we've consistently had 40 women in the program.

Mothers need support.  On this Mother’s Day, support your own mother.  Tell how much you love her and appreciate her and help her do all the work she has to do.  And…

One Mother to Another…this Mother's Day give a gift in honor of your mother to the Nueva Vida Clinic’s new mother support program.  Donate $25 to the program in honor of your mother and we’ll send her a beautiful e-card. 
Happy Mother’s Day, Moms!
*Nicaragua has the highest teenage birth rate in Central and South America; the US has the highest rate in the industrialized nations.