Wednesday, October 14, 2015

While You Were Away

While Mike and I have been away, those of the international staff left behind have been stressed and greatly over-worked.
Here in the States, Mike continues to work hard.  He has been on the phone, Skype, and email a great deal talking to buyers and coordinating the agricultural component of the CDCA.  Unfortunately we thought we were only going to be in the States 5 days, so much of the information that he needs is still in Nicaragua. 

Becca is busy with her commitments with Las Lobas, social media, fundraising, showing other groups around, getting ready for her October speaking tour in Oregon and Washington etc., but without us she is now also busy running to and fro with  the organic cooperative COPROEXNIC, getting answers for Mike, helping to organize the two large medical brigades coming that I usually do, and all the bits and pieces that Mike does.
 Sarah who maintains the data base, keeps all the records of donations, runs lots of errands, works to keep the computers up and running, fundraising, etc,. was also gone on her speaking tour in Texas leaving the office more stressed.  She filled out the 990 form, a mammoth job, without our usual help running interference so that she could concentrate.

Kathy, who keeps the books takes care of Nicaraguan government and legal aspects of the work, has not had Sarah in the office working beside her.  Pat has been doing vision checks all by herself without Becca to help her, plus her usual therapy work, and she's also now helping the clinic staff with daily problems that arise.  Both have assumed more of the day-to-day running of the cooking and other household chores. 
Daniel, the volunteer coordinator, is doing government permission paperwork for those medical brigades I mentioned and on top of that is also coordinating auto leasing, obtaining better internet for cheaper, and helping to fix computer glitches.  Claudia is our legal representative while Mike is away.
And though they are missing us, they could not handle it all without the national staffJosefa runs the clinic like clockwork.  Since we have been away she has hired and oriented two new clinic staff members (an ob/gyn and a lab technician).  She has taken over reporting to ORPHANetwork as well as other tasks that I did.  With her, the clinic staff will be ready for the two medical brigades and their work will run smoothly. 
Construction and maintenance is a breeze with Rogelio and his crew, but Rogelio was off work for a week after cataract surgery.  Rogelio is a font of knowledge of where to locate what is needed and will search far and wide for the best price, he was greatly missed during his sick leave.

Diana and her crew manage all the hosting details: menus, supplies, cleaning, preparing food, etc.  With them, hosting delegations with fewer people is doable, even without us…not preferable, but doable.
C├ęsar, the project’s director, continues the work of COPROEXNIC, community development, and problem-solving.

We are anxious to come home and work side-by-side with amazing people.