Monday, December 2, 2019

#GivingTuesday: A Health Care Support System is... Within Our Reach

For the past week or so, I have been writing blogs about what goes on in our clinic in preparation for  
#Giving Tuesday…today. 

Our Goal: to raise $5,000 to help the Clinic meet its financial responsibilities
for 2019 and into 2020.

The permanent health clinic in Nueva Vida* celebrates its 20th anniversary this year!  
The clinic has grown and developed over those 20 years and so has its budget.  The budget for the clinic this year is $261.634.00 which is about $720/day.

  • Acute medical care with one full-time physician (Dr. Flores) and one half-time physician (Dr. Lopez)
  • Medical care for patients with chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension, etc.  with the above- mentioned doctors.
  • Pediatric care with a part-time pediatrician
  • Ultrasounds with Dr. Flores
  • Restorative dental care with Dr. Escobar
  • Preventive dental care with a hygienist and Dr. Escobar
  • Dental care for children in 20 plus feeding centers throughout Nicaragua
  • Testing outside the laboratory (such as for PAPs and biopsies) in addition to tests done inside the clinic but done by the nurse – for glucose, pregnancy, urine strips and rapid HIV tests (when available)
  • Pharmacy for the medications that the doctors prescribe
  • Therapy three mornings a week with Dr. Soto
  • EKGs
  • Limited gynecological care with Drs. Flores and Lopez and our nurse
  • Prenatal check-ups with Drs. Flores and Lopez
  • Home visits with patients at risk with Dr. Lopez and our 35 lay health promoters
  • First aid and limited other care provided by our lay health promoters from their own homes on weekends and during the night
  • Walk-in wound care
  • Weekly classes for patients with chronic conditions provided by our paid health promoter, Jessenia
  • Bi-monthly classes for pregnant moms and new mothers
  • Monthly classes for our lay health promoters
  • Weekly support groups for pre-teen and teen girls
  • Weekly support groups for boys
  • Limited support for HIV positive patients and their families
  • Aid for patients to get birth certificates and national ID
  • Wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, beds, etc.
  • A current clinic staff of three doctors, one dentist, one nurse, one pharmacist, one lay technician, one hygienist, one health promoter, and a support staff of seven

Please help us meet our goal of $5,000… think how much good your gift will do this #GivingTuesday.

*Nueva Vida is the neighborhood of Ciudad Sandino, Nicaragua, formed 20+ years ago after Hurricane Mitch.  The Nueva Vida Clinic serves its 12,000 residents as well as any residents from other neighborhoods of the city, population 180,000.

** Abortion is not one of them.  Abortion is illegal in Nicaragua.

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