Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Call for Action on Behalf of Genesis

Latest news regarding Genesis, the spinning plant cooperative, and the lucha (struggle) of obtaining the spinning machinery from Coker International!

We are trying a new tactic to get Coker to pay attention to the plight of these people…the Rev. Narcie Jeeter ( is organizing 2 demonstrations in front of Coker International in Greenville, SC. The first is on Tuesday October 5th from 2:00 – 5:00PM and then again on Friday, October 8th to begin at 10:00AM.

Why this call for action? Coker International wants more money from the CDCA to get the machinery other than the $150,000 they have already. They are not willing to put up a secure bond to insure that they will actually buy and ship the machinery. We have a lawyer from the Wake Forest Law Center who has advised us not to talk more with Coker except to say "deliver the goods." We want to put pressure on him to do right by these 18 women and men, who have been working on this dream for more than three and a half years with no pay.

If you are in the area please make a poster and go and represent the members of Genesis. Call for Coker International to do the right thing and get Genesis the machinery so they can work and feed their families. Hopefully the media will cover it and that too will make an impact.

If you are not in the area but know someone who is, please ask them to go represent you.

We are working on other avenues as well. We are grateful to our lawyer, Steve Virgil; Mark Lester; Narcie Jeeter; Paul Susman; and Greg Nevers, a lawyer in SC, for serving on a task force to help us explore ways to make the plant a reality…to think outside the box since the box did not serve Genesis well. We are so very grateful to those of you who emailed and called Coker International to encourage him to move forward.

Genesis has good friends in people like you…and so do we at the CDCA.

Here is a link that has a timeline for what has happened