Thursday, March 5, 2020

Future Fridays: That AM cup of coffee... it matters!

In preparation for a broadcast of a tightrope walker walking across the Masaya Volcano, ABC did a story on Good Morning America about Nicaraguan coffee and climate change.  It was a good introduction on how climate change is changing coffee production. You can watch it on YouTube at this link.

Some things to note... Farmer Shares coffee ( purchases organic coffee for $2/pound from the growers... Not $0.93 or $1.15.  Farmer Shares coffee is shade grown under large trees that the farmers have kept alive, not trees recently planted.   Coffee is one of the most chemically laden produce from spraying... Farmer Shares is organic.  And all profits go back to the farmers who are part of collectives, not part of a coffee plantation.

Climate change is affecting the coffee of the coffee growers we support, like the report said.  The growers at El Porvenir have nurseries with baby coffee plants that should do better with the increasing heat and longer droughts, and as they receive more profit they can plant more of these coffee plants.

As my family can attest, I like to start my day with a cup of strong, black coffee.  If you do, too, please support Nicaraguan farmers by subscribing to buy your coffee through Farmer Shares ( Our farmers protect the earth... You can, too, and still enjoy your coffee.

- Kathleen

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