Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Health Helping

With the Coronavirus scaring people, I want to address public health.

The Nicaraguan Ministry of Health came to Casa Ben Linder to ask about guests coming in from other countries that have documented cases of the virus.   Nicaragua has a thermal scan at the entry point at the airport and will check on people with fevers.  Also travelers have to answer health questions on their entry papers... Simple questions.

What the Ministry of a Health asked of us was to give people the national health clinic phone number if they start getting sick so the health care system can help and, I'm sure, test to contain the spread of the virus.

At the Nueva Vida Clinic, we will focus on hand washing (which is more difficult when one is poor and have one faucet or no faucet and sparse access to soap) and not touching one's face. 

Pandemics effect the poor and in many countries these are the ones not counted or tested, and who spread viruses as a result.

They are invisible.

In Nicaragua the government sees these people.  In our clinic we see them. And outside the clinic... Well... 

Our 30 health promoters last year saw over 9,000 neighbors... Children, adults, sick, wounded, diabetic, pregnant, their homes.  They are our public health front line.

Don't you wish you had them in your neighborhood?

- Kathleen 

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