Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Here we go again...election interference

excerpt from RFTOP No.72052420R00004
Here we go again.  In our blog yesterday, I mentioned that a paper from the U.S. State Department was leaked about "regime change in Nicaragua."  This means that the U.S. State Department wants to overthrow the democratically elected government of Nicaragua.  The 18-page document RFTOP No:72052420R00004 is titled Responsive Assistance in Nicaragua (RAIN).

The U.S. State Department has a long history of interfering in elections and governments around the world.  Given that the political unrest (or "soft coup" attempt) in 2018 failed, the State Department is stepping up its game...the problem is that this is no game for Nicaraguans.  

In the document, the U.S. State Department allows and foresees that the present government, the Sandinistas, will win the 2021 Nicaraguan election in a transparent manner that receives international approval.  From our perspective, we agree that's probably likely.  Most Nicaraguans are pleased with the way the country is being run.  Most are happy with free education, free health care, and basic human rights being afforded to them.  Those people who take education, health care, and human rights for granted do not understand this government's popularity.  

Despite international press coverage and opposition coverage regarding Nicaragua's response to COVID-19, Nicaragua has spent the 4th highest amount per capita on addressing the pandemic in Latin America and is lauded by the Inter American Development Bank which is loaning the country $43 million dollars to aid with the pandemic.  Nicaragua started addressing this virus and how to keep its population safe on January 27th...much sooner than most countries, including the U.S.

July 2020 distribution of PPE

With RAIN, the U.S. State Department lays out a plan to thwart the will of the Nicaraguan people if the Sandinistas win again.  Hire a private company (a Blackstone sort of militia) to use influence including non-truthful social media posts, organize demonstrations, and even use violence.  All money funneled through USAID which since late 2017 has given at least 31 million dollars to opposition groups.

RAIN also conspires to interrupt basi services to Nicaraguans by destroying electrical power plants, for example.  When the CIA manual on how to overthrow the FSLN in the 1980s came to light, electrical plants were to be targeted along with schools, health clinics, bridges... infrastructure.  Not only property, but teachers, doctors, nurses, pastors, and community leaders were targeted for assassinations.

I used to be proud of USAID and the humanitarian work that it did, but as I learned more about its work, I discovered that their resources are not to support people who have little; but instead to manipulate and bring about what the U.S. government wants (or what is "in its best interests") within other sovereign nations.  Unfortunately, what the U.S. wants is to give corporations the ability to exploit the people and natural resources, as well as to gain access to what does not belong to the corporations but to the citizens of these other sovereign nations.

Please help.  Please pass this paper on to your senators and representatives and to the media.  Insist that they read it and address it.  There is no reason on earth to help corporations steal from the poor.  There is no reason to overthrow a duly elected government that is not your own.  It is unconscionable to be such a bad neighbor to the second poorest country in the Americas.  It is hateful.

- Kathleen


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