Thursday, June 25, 2020

Future Friday: The Rona and Trees

As the coronavirus continues to sweep through populations globally, many of us...including me...were happy to see that air pollution was down with all the shelter-in-place orders.  But as the world's human population begins to open back up and mingle, the virus is once-again on the rise and with it, pollution.

Trees and plant life remove carbon dioxide from the air and transform the carbon dioxide into breathable oxygen.  Most of us know this.  But did you know that in 2019, one soccer field's worth of trees were cut down or burned down EVERY. SIX. SECONDS. worldwide?

Guyana deforestation - Shutterstock licensed photo

Most of us know that many diseases, bacteria, and fungi are passed from animal to human.  But did you know: we are having more and more pandemics because humans and animals are interacting more because of deforestation?

I heard Sen. Lindsay Graham talking in the Senate of banning wet markets globally.  It's a good idea and one that can be implemented in wealthier countries like the U.S.A. and China.  It would be difficult to completely eliminate markets like that in Nicaragua....though most Nicaraguan markets do keep live animals separated from slaughtered meats.

But more importantly, Sen. Graham did not talk about deforestation globally.  When a forest is gone, the animals move to human spaces because that is all that is left.  The U.S.-backed president, Jair Bolsanaro, of Brazil is using the COVID-19 catastrophe as cover to deforesting the Amazon rain forest.  Fruit bats live in the tropical rain forests and they are likely carriers of Ebola, COVID-19, and other infections and viruses.

Most of know this with Lyme's disease.  Deer used to carry the ticks in the woods with no harm to them; but with fewer and fewer forests, deer come closer to humans and the ticks attach themselves to children, pets, and adults.  But did you know: malaria that is spread by mosquitoes is an epidemic directly linked to deforestation?

Everthing is connected.  All in this world needs balance.  When we start messing with the balance of nature, we are going to suffer...our children will suffer...and our grandchildren will suffer and die.

Plant trees in your front and back yards.  In times of droughts only water your trees.   Lobby Congress to take meaningful action on Climate Change and deforestation.  The woods will grow back, if we give them the chance.  Let's give them that chance.

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