Monday, June 22, 2020

Just Little Ol' Me?

So much pain everywhere.  So much conflict everywhere.  So many poor folk in need in so many lands!  How can I possibly help at all?

A few ideas... a few stories... you really DO matter in Nicaragua!

The Bucknell Brigade... bringing volunteers and donations year after year... begun from just one student's idea... one student's plea to help her host family after Hurricane Mitch. The Nueva Vida Clinic and all of its service for 20+ years grew out of that single plea!  We look forward to having BNB volunteers back again when the university again allows international travel.

BNB Clinic Construction

Sweating for a Reason... Jessica is still running now... mile after mile in the heat or inside because of COVID-19, even while participating in BLM protests.  Her pledge proceeds are coming to the work of the JHC-CDCA in Nicaragua.  She has no money to donate, and knows that there are many good causes needing help... but as she continues to donate her sweat and stamina, she needs more pledges!

Weddings... several couples who don't need more housekeeping equipment as wedding gifts have asked instead that gifts be given to the work of the CDCA in Nicaragua in their honor... providing medicine and PPE for Clinic staff, directly saving lives.

One volunteer couple... putting the Nueva Vida Clinic in touch with the world by getting internet installed there for medical staff use.  And now, with COVID-19, it has provided a way to educate for safety and health, staying in touch with patients and the community while staying safe!  Who would have thought it could be so important!

Sharing with personal friends via social media... helping to spread the word.  We've been sharing the latest in Live Event Zoom presentations... have one more coming up on June 25 at 4PM EDT... Please join us... come to the Waiting Room, add your name and email, and we'll invite you right in!  You make a difference, and we need you.

Yep, just little ol' you... you make a difference.  Thanks!
- Sarah

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