Saturday, November 7, 2020

Assembly of PIGS: U.S. Presidential Election

In the Assembly of People Into Giving a S**t, we reflect on the United States presidential election…because we care about the poor.

It is Saturday and CNN has called the presidential election for Biden…and here is how I feel…
  • Happy that there will be a woman as vice-president
  • Happy that she is a woman of color 
  • Happy that she is a child of immigrants
  • Happy that the First Lady will be an educator 
  • Happy that the husband of the vice-president is Jewish 
  • Happy to have someone who will lead us wearing a mask and listening to scientists
  • Happy to have someone who will reunite immigrant children and parents
  • Happy that there will be a president who will not be so mean
  • Happy that the discourse might become nicer…never thought I would crave “nice” as I do now 
  • Fearful that Biden will be even harder on Nicaragua as he has promised to be
  • Fearful that Biden will not address climate change as rapidly as it needs to be 
  • Fearful that the militant white supremacists will start shooting 
  • And mostly fearful that people will relax and go back to “normal” 
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La lucha es larga (the struggle is long) as they say in Nicaragua. As happy as many are and I see them celebrating in the streets on television, Pres. Elect Biden is no radical. We must remember he will keep the mainstream the mainstream…and that mainstream has gone further and further to the side that ignores the poor while poverty grows and grows not only in the States but worldwide and the rich get richer and richer.

The mainstream does not address the extinction level of climate change, but continues the dependency on carbon fuels and increases fracking and drilling.

The mainstream does not address the systematic infestation of racism in all the seats of power.

The mainstream does not address the ever-increasing level of classism that pits the working class against the poor and sets the rich apart and untouchable.

The mainstream thinks that the U.S. State Department and CIA can interfere in other nations’ elections, governments, and economic systems…just not theirs.

The mainstream doesn’t mind the collection of data of people’s privacy.

I remember when Barack Obama was elected, for whom we voted, because we felt strongly that the U.S. needed a person of color in the White House…Mike said to some volunteers who asked if we saw this election as a pathway to hope, “Just remember he will still be the talking head of the empire.”

And he was. Droning increased. Drilling increased. Fracking increased. US-sponsored coups happened in Latin America.

The only way that real change is going to come is if we fight for it.

Celebrate for a nicer administration now…go for it, but remember Biden and Harris are mainstream and that stream is drowning the poor worldwide, sweeping humanity to extinction, and causing pain and suffering within the U.S. and globally.

La lucha es larga…the struggle is long. We cannot stop fighting, if we love our neighbors…The Divine’s children…our brothers and sisters. We just can’t.

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