Saturday, November 28, 2020

GivingTuesday and Future Fridays and Climate Change and...

 It all seems to roll over me in one giant growing ball of complications... we won't have many Future Fridays if we lose our trees and can't breathe... our children won't have many Future Fridays if we can't stop climate change.  Scientist say that unless we change, apparently we're going to keep having more severe weather patterns like the hurricanes that just swept over Nicaragua.  And we are creating environments that encourage the emergence of toxic pandemics, with their ongoing after-effects on the increased health needs of our patients... and with COVID-19 protocols and social distancing in place, how do we even attempt to continue to meet those needs?  And... and... and.... 

But that path of thinking is too big... the more the problems cycle around the bigger the ball keeps getting... problems too huge to wrap my head around. 


One tiny step in the right direction: Using less paper in the Nueva Vida Clinic.  NOW.

This Giving Tuesday.  NOW.  

One attainable goal that we CAN help do, and can do it NOW. 

We can save eight trees each year starting NOW. We can create more space for patients by using less space for paper files. And we can protect our health givers and our patients in the process by switching to a digital patient record-keeping system.

We just have to get it in place... get it started... and then this ball of action can itself begin to roll and grow.  But we can not do it without your help.  We've been promised $1,350 so far.  We are a fourth of the way there.  It won't fix hurricanes.  It won't keep viruses from forming.  It isn't a magic answer.  BUT it is a real place to start, to help, to make a difference.

Together we CAN tackle problems.

- Sarah

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